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NYC / Long Island ELDER LAW Lawyers

Elder law admittedly isn’t as well-known as, say, criminal law; the odds of seeing a dramatic story concerning elder law broadcasted from a local courtroom are small, while coverage of criminal law cases (and simple details in these cases) is extensive, both on television and the internet.


However, just because elder law isn’t allotted quite as much media interest as other types of law doesn’t mean it’s less important than they are. On the contrary, elder law is a minute, all-encompassing, and incredibly significant type of law that quite a few individuals—some who know it and some who don’t—have benefitted from or are benefitting from.


One of the effects of the media’s generally limited coverage of matters pertaining to elder law is that the public is, generally speaking, not fully aware of what elder law is or what it entails.


To inform these individuals and anyone else who’s interested, let’s take a look at what elder law is and why it’s so important!


What is Elder Law?


Elder law is a law sphere that focuses almost exclusively on satisfying the needs of senior citizens. Elder law lawyers offer various legal services that become necessary and/or useful later in life—and to be sure, these services are extensive, as most every senior citizen will attest to!


Some senior citizens may need a simple will composed or edited, while others may require help with their tax status (as this changes over time), access to benefits (including Medicare and Medicaid), long-term care plans, the arrangement or organization of an estate, and much, much more.


As if these services weren’t diverse enough, elder law lawyers also help senior citizens (or their families, in some instances) to establish workable payment plans with elder care facilities, negotiate the details of senior living center agreements, and pursue legal action against individuals or organizations that may have committed elder abuse, or intentional wrongdoing and/or neglect on the part of an official caretaker or someone who is expected to take care of a senior.


Why Elder Law is Important


Elder law, as most readers would expect based upon the ample services offered by lawyers in the sphere, is very important, and benefits a significant number of clients every day. More specifically, though elder law allows senior citizens to live without worry of complex matters and arrangements that they couldn’t possibly finalize on their own; it allows their needs and desires to be satisfied through legal means.


Elder law also helps senior citizens find a sense of security, both in their lives and in their estates. For all individuals, but seniors especially, a positive and worry-free lifestyle is invaluable. Furthermore, elder law provides a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, in terms of finding justice for elder abuse victims.


Hopefully this text made clear what exactly elder law is and why it’s so significant and valuable. Thanks for reading, and if the services of an elder law lawyer seem as though they can be of use, be sure to reach-out to a nearby professional as soon as possible.

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