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Employment Law

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

The employer-employee relationship isn’t always a healthy one. Employers must follow specific rules and regulations when hiring, compensating, promoting and terminating employees. Even though Federal, State and even local laws outlaw certain practices; employment discrimination continues to exist within the workplace. Some employers believe that they can treat their employees any way they want to because they have the advantage of being in charge. Employment Law exists to protect workers from being hurt physically, emotionally or financially in an employment dispute. Understanding what your rights are in the workplace can be challenging and navigating a lawsuit can be even more daunting. Employment decisions based on age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy or sexual orientation is unlawful.

At Raiser and Kenniff, we understand that every situation is unique. If you believe your rights have been violated contact us today. Workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile work enviornment, sexual harassment and retaliation can damage both your professional and personal life. Blowing the whistle on your employer’s illegalities and misconduct isn’t easy. Doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you your job or cause financial or emotional hardships. You deserve to be treated as a professional in the workplace. Our team of legal experts will fight to protect you against retaliation and pursue every possible course of action to get you the compensation you deserve! Contact us today for cases related to:

  • Age Discrimination
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Discrimination based on Religion
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unlawful Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Whistleblower & Sarbanes-Oxley Act Cases
  • FLSA Violations (wages, hours & overtime pay)
  • ADA violations (Disability Discrimination)

Employment Agreements and Contracts

Our legal team is experienced in working with both employees and executives to review and negotiate employment agreements. Contracts establish the terms and conditions of employment and termination. If written and negotiated properly, they provide protection for both the employer and the employee.

Many executive level employees are required to sign contracts such as:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Non solicitation Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements

These Contracts can sometimes be too restrictive and limit an individual’s ability to work in their respective field. It is essential to have a lawyer look over these agreements with you BEFORE you sign them. They will ensure you fully understand the terms you are agreeing to and help you negotiate better terms if necessary.

If you believe your employer has violated the terms of your contract, contact us today! If you have received a letter asserting that you have violated the terms of your contract, you must seek legal counsel immediately.

For Employers: Craft the right contracts to protect your business

Employment Law changes as new opinions are issued by various government agencies. Navigating the waters on your own can be costly, time consuming and potentially harm your business.

Our legal team will help you create Employment Contracts that are not only tailored to your individual needs but written in a way to help you avoid costly arbitration and lawsuits. Let us help you mitigate the risks of losing clients and employees to your competition.

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