Raiser and Kenniff, P.C. strives for client satisfaction! We have many happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at (888)-646-0025.

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"They Really Care"

I have had a great experience working with Raiser and Kenniff on some debt for my small business. They have treated me wonderfully and helped me out of a bind. I feel that this firm really cares about the success of my company.

Michelle A.
      "They Really Care"

      I have had a great experience working with Raiser and Kenniff on some debt for my small business. They have treated me wonderfully and helped me out of a bind. I feel that this firm really cares about the success of my company.

      Michelle A.
      "They were always available quickly, to address my concerns. Having dealt with some law firms before, I really appreciated this."

      Steven Raiser's law firm handled my case with excellence throughout the process. I had a SBA EIDL loan that got transferred to the Department of Treasury unexpectedly, and had a 30% penalty added to the amount due, and due very quickly, which was very stressful. After talking with Steven Raiser, and working with Harry Gill, who was absolutely brilliant in working with me and preparing the case, they were able to recall the case to the SBA. They were always available quickly, to address my concerns. Having dealt with some law firms before, I really appreciated this.
      Very grateful and appreciative to Steven Raiser and Harry Gill. Great work


      Top-notch guys, they helped me with a lot of stuff over the years. They go well above and beyond. Highly recommend.

      Frank F.
      "Give them a call!"

      Extremely professional and efficient lawyers. They helped my husband and me in a matter that ended with a closed case. If you need to be represented, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

      Samantha T.
      "Responded Immediately"

      When over-zealous housing police arrested my twenty-year-old son for riding his bike on a sidewalk on a weekend Tom Keniff responded to our urgent calls immediately. He was able to calm down two parents who happened to be in different locations while their son was temporarily behind bars. He knew how the entire arrest would play out, the details of the system, and how to handle the court, and he was attentive to all the details, including being a gentle, yet firm coach in making sure an angry young man said, “Yes, your honor,” instead of “Yeah.” He had the respect of court officials necessary to arrange an expeditious appearance. Thanks to Tom’s good work the outcome was favorable. Most important to us, Tom was available late on a weekend, was generous with his time, and professional in court. All this for a blessedly reasonable fee. He was sympathetic with a young offender and wise enough to counsel anxious parents. All with a reassuring calm, reliability, attentiveness, and professionalism that steered us through the crisis.

      Aaron D.
      "Saved My Life"

      Thomas Kenniff saved my life! I found myself in a terrible situation that I was later overcharged for. I was prepared to have to do some jail time but Thomas assured me that jail time was not an option. After a long year and a half of running back and forth to court, the case was DISMISSED. I couldn't believe he did it. He believed in me more than me and I thank him for that.

      La P.
      "Highly Recommend"

      There is truly something to be said for this firm's ability to fight, and win cases. Especially DUI cases! This is a law firm filled with remarkable and high-quality DUI lawyers. I highly recommend them and think you should consider hiring them, just like I did because you will never regret it. Do yourself a favor and pick them.

      Cornell S.
      "Best Results"

      We hired Tom as our criminal defense lawyer after being ripped off by Musa-Obregon & Associates. which was not cheap but I thank God that we decided to make this move. At some point, we all decide to take this case to trial and given the fact that the D.A was not making any offers. WE WERE STUCK. To our disadvantage, my husband's legal status is not the best. At this point, we believed we were going to lose our family and home being that he is the head of the household. VERY SAD. The ending to this very sad story became unbelievable with the best results we had ever expected. We won the case by beating 3 felony charges. Thank You Tom. Our family will always be very grateful to have met you and wish the best to you and your family. We highly recommend at least speaking to him- you have nothing to lose.

      Keshia B.

      Tom helped me get a bogus charge dismissed. His fee was reasonable and he was efficient. I'd recommend him.

      Dustin J.
      "Amazing Lawyer"

      Mr. Kenniff is an amazing lawyer, I trust him as a close ally now - not just someone who's a lawyer. His help was immeasurable.

      Lashawn M.
      "Great Law Firm"

      Great law firm. Were there in a hurry at my arraignment and the lawyers know exactly what they are doing all for a great price.

      Justin K.
      "Highly Recommend"

      Excellent attorneys. Highly recommended. I would go with them again if needed.

      Justin P.

      A+ criminal lawyers who care about helping clients. I recommend them to everyone I know.

      Lilly S.

      Recently was pulled over with a .12 DWI, I am very impressed by their initial consultation, and will be going with them.

      Ron B.

      If you are looking for a firm that moves on integrity over income, look no further. I worked with Thomas Kenniff, a true definition of an attorney and a humanitarian.

      Former Client

      Excellent! Experts in the field, provide a range of services. Efficient, respond within minutes, and goes beyond what is expected. Excellent customer service! The bottom line is professional. R & K know what they are doing.

      Egor A.
      "Best Lawyer"

      Raiser & Kenniff law firm produces a great outcome for my case. I was accused of committing a crime by the NYPD. Therefore, I was charged with a misdemeanor and the crime was punishable from 1 to 3 years in prison if I was found guilty but it didn’t happen. Thanks to Mr. Kenniff with his team. In this desperate situation, you need a lawyer who can defend you and more importantly win your case that’s Mr. Kenniff I’ve known. He is the best lawyer in legal matters in NYC and without him, it’s highly possible that I was going to serve in prison. Therefore, my life was going to be in jeopardy. He has done an incredible job for my case because my criminal case got dismissed. I recommend Raiser & Kenniff law firm to anyone. Thank you so much Mr. Kenniff and your staff for your expertise in law.

      "Highly Recommend"

      My business was in really big trouble, we received 13 tickets, and thought we would have to close down. Thank goodness I had a friend who recommended Tom to me. I called him right away. He was able to not only get the case almost completely dismissed, but also he handled everything for me. I did not even have to go. I hope I never need him again, but just in case, it is nice to know that a great lawyer is out there. I recommend Tom very highly!

      Leonard H.
      "Thank You"

      They were all super great and were able to get me a settlement that I am very happy with. Thank you!!!

      James H.

      I have worked for many attorneys and have never dealt with any other attorney more dedicated than Tom Kenniff. From the beginning of the case he handled for me, he showed interest, professionalism, and unbelievable knowledge. I highly recommend him and have him on my speed dial. Until this day, every time I have a question or need to consult anyone, Tom is the first one I call. Most of the time, my questions have nothing to do with criminal defense. What makes him so good at what he does is how caring he is with his cases and clients. He is just great.

      Former Client