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A criminal charge is a serious case in New York. Your biggest concern is likely worrying about your case result and the possible consequences that can stem from a criminal conviction in New York. Your New York criminal attorneys can help you work towards a favorable case result in your case.

Case result in your New York criminal case

There are a number of ways that you can resolve your criminal case in New York. You can resolve your case by a guilty plea, a no contest plea, a jury verdict or a preliminary motion. The steps that you take with your New York criminal defense attorney can help you explore all of the potential outcomes and determine the best path to take if you find yourself up against criminal charges in the State of New York.

Case result – prosecutorial dismissal

There are times that a state’s attorney changes their mind about bringing charges before the case arrives at trial. The state’s attorney may consider new information or mitigating circumstances when they make their decision. Whether to dismiss the charges before trial is up to the state’s attorney. That makes it up to your New York criminal defense attorney to present the information to the state’s attorney that warrants dismissal. Usually, the best way to get your case dismissed before trial is through presenting the state’s attorney with serious doubt of their ability to succeed at trial.

Case result – guilty plea

Sometimes, the best case resolution is to plead guilty to the charges. You may plead guilty in exchange for a reduction in the charges. A guilty plea may be a case result that results in lowered jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension or other ramifications. It may also make sense to enter a guilty plea in order to resolve the charges quickly in some circumstances. A guilty plea is a big decision and not one to take lightly. It’s important to work with your attorney for criminal defense in New York to understand all of the possible ramifications of a case result that includes a guilty plea.

Case result – trial verdict

If you take your case to trial, your case resolves by a trial verdict. The jury hears all of the evidence and then deliberates to reach a verdict. Juries tend to hold the state to a high burden of proof. You have the opportunity to make arguments about the strength of the evidence and question witnesses. The judgment of the jury to decide your guilt may be very different than the state’s attorney who authorizes the charges. You have the constitutional right to a trial by jury, and a trial verdict can be the right way to reach a case result.

Case result – preliminary motion

When law enforcement violates your rights during their investigation, you may be able to reach a favorable case result by a preliminary motion. You may be successful in bringing a preliminary motion to suppress evidence. You must draft the motion, reference the applicable law and bring the witnesses to court. The state’s attorney has the opportunity to respond. If the judge agrees with your version of the case, you may reach a case result by preliminary motion.

Case result – diversion program

Depending on the specifics of your charges, your case result may be participation in a diversionary program. A diversionary program may be a drug court program that monitors your substance abuse for a period of time. You may also be able to receive a favorable case result after a probationary period or a pre-trial period for minor charges. An experienced attorney can help you explore what diversion programs might be available to you based on your location and your offense.

Working with a New York criminal defense attorney to reach the best case result

The result in your criminal case is not guaranteed. Reaching the right case result takes preparation, investigation and careful contemplation. You have multiple options available to you when you’re faced with a crime in New York. Your criminal defense lawyer in New York can help you reach the right case result.
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