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NYC / Long Island Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is a problem many men and women face silently. It occurs when one partner in a relationship is abusive in a physical manner, but it is not something that only occurs in romantic relationships. Domestic violence can occur when you are in a sibling relationship, a parent/child relationship, or when it’s another family member being abusive. Some of the more common domestic violence allegations people are accused of include battery, sexual battery, and assault. If you or someone you love is the victim of domestic violence, it’s time to seek help.

What is Domestic Violence?

There is not just one answer to this question. There are numerous forms of domestic violence, and each one is more serious than the last. Some of the most common forms of domestic violence that plague families in the United States include the following.

– Physical abuse in which someone physically harms another person in their household. This can include anything from biting to beating someone else in the household.
– Sexual abuse occurs when someone in the household forces sexual acts on another person against their will.
– Emotional abuse occurs when someone makes another person feel invalidated, worthless, stupid, and like they are nothing. They might call names, tell them they are dumb or stupid, and constantly criticize them in a manner that isn’t productive or constructive.
– Economic abuse happens when someone in the household takes financial advantage of someone else.
– Psychological abuse occurs when someone intimidates, causes fear, and threatens another person into always looking over their shoulder in fear.
– Stalking occurs when someone in the household shows up at another one’s place of work, follows them out, to school, or watches them constantly.

There are so many ways a person can abuse another person in their household, and many people are led to believe it’s their own fault they are being abused. An abuser wants his or her victims to feel ashamed, guilty, and as if they are the person in the wrong.

Call An Attorney

Those who suffer at the hands of an abusive family member are often left feeling as if they have no control over their life. They don’t think that they can change, that they can escape, or that there is any way for them to care for themselves if they leave. This is what their abuser wants them to think. Victims are often so beaten up both physically and emotionally that they feel they have no options.

Call a domestic abuse attorney now. An attorney can help domestic violence victims find a safe place to go, find help, and even get away from this lifestyle. An attorney can help you find the medical help you need to treat your physical pain as well as your emotional pain, which can help you overcome the feeling of being a victim. An attorney can help you put your abuser in jail and keep him or her away from you for many years. You deserve a chance to live a happy life with people who love and respect you, and you don’t have to live with someone who abuses you in any way. You have options, and you should find the courage inside you to break this cycle by calling an attorney at Raiser & Kenniff today.

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