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NYC / Long Island Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injuries are among the most serious injuries a person can endure. The brain is one of the most important working organs in the human body, and an injury to the brain can change your life forever. If you are involved in an accident in which you suffer a concussion, a coma, or you have other brain damage, your life changes. You may be paralyzed, you might need to relearn the basics, and you might not be able to return to a normal way of living despite rehabilitation and therapy. Brain injuries are often traumatic, and they are classified as catastrophic.

Most people suffer traumatic brain injuries in slip and fall accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and trucking accidents. Sadly, many brain injuries are misdiagnosed and misunderstood by those who suffer from them. A concussion might not be officially classified as traumatic but rather as a mild brain injury. However, it’s still dangerous and it can put you at greater risk of additional injury or life-changing medical issues later in life. Brain injuries you cannot physically see or feel right away are often ignored. Many people who suffer from concussions ignore their symptoms and assume they are fine, but the injury progresses over time.

Signs of a Brain Injury

You might not always see a brain injury. These injuries don’t always show up as a massive bleed or physical damage to one’s head.

– Disorientation
– Confusion
– Neurological problems
– Amnesia
– Dizziness
– Blurred vision
– Loss of vision
– Headaches
– Concentration problems
– Depression
– Agitation
– Irritability
– Personality changes

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of a brain injury that must be checked out by a doctor immediately. There is never a safe time to ignore a brain injury, and that means it’s time for you to see a doctor if you suffer from one or more of these symptoms following a fall or blow to the head.

An Attorney Can Help

An attorney can help if you’ve suffered a brain injury. If you were injured because someone else was negligent, you are entitled to damages that can help you financially. Your injuries are not minor, which means you have major medical bills to pay since the time of your accident. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you’ll have a lifetime of medical bills to pay as a result of this accident. You might need special medical accommodations, and you might need to spend time in recovery, therapy, or even rehabilitation.

You probably have time missed at work, lost wages, and you could face a future without gainful employment if your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from returning to work. It’s time for you to contact an attorney to see what options you have. You have a right to sue for damages in a personal injury lawsuit, and an attorney at Raiser & Kenniff is here to help you handle your case. Your time is better utilized focusing on recovery, on caring for your family, and on embracing the changes that are coming your way now that you are the victim of a traumatic brain injury. Call an attorney to find out what rights you have and how you can seek help for the pain you’ve endured.

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